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Creative photography from an entrepreneurial family

Our Story

What happens when a couple of entreprenuers have a camera they purchased to do product shots for a design studio and another camera they won in a low-bid auction? They start a photography studio of course.

Come along with us as we build our portfolio and services. Keep up to date with our work using on social media and support us through our store on Creative Market.

Bokeh Glow

The Photography Team

Adam Arends

Adam Arends

The Business One
A fair number of years ago, I declared a major and started my collegiate career - accounting! Nearing the end of college, and probably from accidentally studying a great deal of art history whilst helping my girlfriend (now wife) study for her tests as well as not wanting to get sucked into the college ramen and take out cycle. I found a creative side - the culinary arts. I nearly gave up in the last year of my accounting schooling to pursue Le Cordon Bleu, but cooler heads prevailed and I chose instead to take a very rocky and frustrating career path down corridors of missed promotions, endless tests on my integrity, and finally, borderline wrongful termination. A much better choice for sure! All is not lost. I found a balance (of sorts) between the creative and the accounting; something that fits with who I am - small business consulting and soon a software development company specializing in business management and personal finance tools. Being on my own, along with my better half, has opened the doors to explore the creative in a number of ways - still in the kitchen and now with a camera.

Jacquelyn Arends

Jacquelyn Arends

The Artistic One
With sights set on a predictable job with all the perks a predictable paycheck would yield, I found my resume awash in a recession slump. Not wanting my resume to drown amidst unrelated work experience begetting more work unrelated to my degree, I hired myself. From this unexpected adventure, my resume runs the gamut from graphic design, illustration, product design, jewelry design, and now photography. I’ve been shooting textures and experimental photography since college that I’d use for graphic design projects and illustrations. After I started my business, I did some (pitiful) product photography out of necessity. Pixelumina became our collective side project. Photography is something creative we both enjoy, but not something we’re so serious that it overlaps too much into our other endeavors.

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